Flamen Dialis – Symptôme Deï (1979) reissue OUT NOW!

flamendialiswebsiteFirst ever vinyl reissue of this legendary French masterpiece named after the high priest of Jupiter. Not surprising there’s an often ritualistic quality to the music, with endless repetitive synth melodies, solemn wordless chanting and brooding layers of mellotron spacing out in an overall eerie occult atmosphere. The lysergic vision of Flamen Dialis recalls like-minded French outcasts as Archaïa, Spacecraft, Verto etc. A truly unique album which was first rescued from obscurity by Mio Records, who reissued the album on cd back in the day, but this has also been long out of print. Mastered from a pristine LP copy as the original masters got lost in the mists of time. Includes pro-printed insert detailing the band’s history. Limited to 500 copies on 180gr vinyl.

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The Archaïa LP is SOLD OUT!

The LP is sold out at the source but you might still find it here:

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– Unrock
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ARCHAÏA Reissue LP out now!


Papaaver Records is proud to present the first vinyl reissue of this privately pressed hard to find sinister zeuhl masterpiece that ended up on the Nurse With Wound list. Michel Munier and Pierrick Le Bras formed Archaïa in 1976 and recorded this album – their sole effort – one year later. Although influenced by bands like Heldon, Archanoid and of course Magma, their music is unique and not easy to categorise. A dark and brooding mixture of eerie synth and bass rhythms, occult lyrics, percussion, phased fuzz guitar, serene – almost medieval – chanting and a bunch of effects. Everything is here, from free-form drones and weird freak-outs to epic and cosmic songs. Completely remastered from the original tapes by the band themselves, this reissue reproduces the sound of the original vinyl, unlike the cd reissue that was released in the mid nineties which added different mixes. Limited to 500 copies on 180gr vinyl, includes insert with French liner notes.

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